WE REMEMBER WITH RESPECT and MISSING. We walk safely into the future with the principles of our founder   "Turkey's first private feed manufacturer" Our story began in 1969 as road we have left behind 50 years. Today, we have adopted the mission of working hard for the development of livestock in our country with our 8 factories with an annual production capacity of 2.5 million tons. We have always achieved sustainable growth with an entrepreneurial spirit.   Together with our employees, business partners and breeders, we are all members of the ABALIOĞLU family, focusing on the target with the sense of "WE". For this reason, we all live the pride of being a “half century old establishment” that has steered the feed sector in our country. We, with the responsibility of being the leading company of the sector in our field of activity for 50 years; it is not only satisfied with producing value in the field of industry; Turkey's future and to support the social development in the field of education with the goal we have made investments in a family. We have the honor of providing education opportunities to our children, who are the future of our country, with the schools we have built.   This success is all of us. Since we will always bear the responsibility of being a big family in our hearts; With our values ​​of love, respect, honesty and tolerance, I am sure that we will run together with new successes for many years.   Orhan ABALIOĞLU

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